Tantei Gakuen Q picked up by E.N.D Scans


After our translator went missing, Tantei Gakuen Q has been picked up by another scanlator ‘Hikari to Yami Scanlation’. Although, it was dropped again after several chapters.

Great news, though!! As E.N.D scans have officially picked up the project!! Therefore, as of today, Ciel Scans has officially put Tantei Gakuen Q (TGQ) Project status as dropped.

Thank you for reading Tantei Gakuen Q, and hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters by E.N.D ^_^

Link to E.N.D Scanlation: click here

- AoiTenshi


New Project: Senaka Gurashi!!



since we finished Hitorimi Haduki-san to we decided to pick up another manga by Kazama Ayami. Here’s a short synopsis:

Watami Meguru pleaded to his mom to let him move out on his own to experience being independent. She finally agrees to let Meguru rent out a room for the summer. But his sadistic mother makes the wall between him and his neighbor out of glass, meaning there is no privacy between the two rooms. If living openly with a stranger wasn’t insane enough, his neighbor is a cute girl his age, Kana. They immediately get off on the wrong foot and this isn’t what Meguru imagined it would be like at all. – Mangaupdates

So, I hope you like this cute, new project. The link to chapter 1 is below. Enjoy!! :D

Senaka Gurashi Ch 1

Looking for Translators!!


It has come to our notice for a while that we haven’t releasing Akumu no Sumu Ie – Ghost Hunt (ASI-GH) for a while, or should I say half a year… Several translators have come and go, but we have yet to find staff to translate the project!!

We’ve been looking around the internet, but we have not found Japanese raws of ASI-GH for chapter 6 (someone found Japanese raws for chapter 9, though). As for what we’re currently using for ch 6, it’s mostly in traditional Chinese. Ciel Scans is desperately looking for Chinese Translator or a Joint with another Scanlation for Akumu no Sumu Ie – Ghost Hunt!!

For interested applicants, please refer to our application page, or send an email to cielscans@gmail.com. Please put ‘Akumu no Sumu Ie – Ghost Hunt’ or just ‘ASI-GH’ as the message title if you’re sending via email.

Details for our projects are available here.

We’ll be waiting. ^_^

- AoiTenshi