Revival of the Subbing Project

Hello Everyone,

Once upon a time, we had a plan to translate japanese songs into english and sub them, to spread the joy of vocaloid all around the world (lol). Sadly this project was cancelled after only one song BUT:


Hereby we announce that we will start translating and subbing Vocaloid songs again, starting with these two:

Kanzen Chouaku Lolita Complex


Outburn Kamikaze

for credits and lyrics please click on the captions

Hopefully you all will enjoy our work and have much fun with some new songs ^^

if you want to request any song (that is only avaible in japanese), feel free to contact us :D

Have fun with these first two (3 others will follow soon) xD

(also starting now we recruit video editors and song translators, so please apply if you have interest)