Hi, as you may already know, our usual website is down.

This is because of a copyright claim, so there’s nothing we could have done. Sorry about that.

From now on I won’t be making any more release posts, instead I’ll just add the chapters to the downloads page when they’re released.

Downloads page: https://mega.nz/#F!WUJXDLJC!K6oVPfBKd3UBDE3tEbeTaA

Almost all of the series we we’re doing are dropped as of now, this is because we don’t have a main translator any more since Shiratori left.

The series that aren’t dropped are: Kyou no Yuiko-san, Ojojojo, and Renai 3 Jigen Debut. Thanks to Cirno9baka and Tap for translating those.

I really want to continue Hi Score Girl but I can’t find a translator who is willing to do it, so sorry about that too.

If you’re a translator and want to help with Hi Score Girl or any of the other dropped series, or maybe a group who wants to pick up one of the series that are dropped. Then you can contact me by sending me a message on batoto, coming to our IRC channel (#Cielscans on Rizon), or emailing me at mesdagar1819@gmail.com

It’s worth doing because I might be able to give you cleaned chapters for some of the manga, which will save you time and effort.

So that’s about it. Seeya.